Are you ready to be the Chief AML Officer for your FinTech?

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Founders are used to wearing multiple hats. Designating yourself or another non-qualified person as the Chief AML Officer (“CAMLO”) can become a costly mistake. Read our blog to find out more. In the meantime, test your knowledge and see if you even qualify.


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1 For the purposes of the travel rule, according to FATF and its supporting members, it refers to?

2 The Safe-Harbor rule refers to what regarding AML/CFT

3 When must an organization report suspicious transactions to their regulator/financial intelligence unit?

4 “Tipping-off” offence refers to?

5 The Best Definition of a PEP is:

6 What is one major difference between a Know your Customer (KYC) process and a Customer Due Diligence (CDD) process?

7 What type of transactions is specifically excluded gathering KYC information?

8 Which of the following types of businesses is statistically most likely to be used for funding terrorism ?

9 FATF has identified certain high-risk businesses. Which of the following is considered high-risk ?

10 What programmatic element should come first when assembling an AML compliance program?

11 What type of address is not acceptable as a “home address”?

12 When a new sanction is published by your country regulator, the organization must promptly:

13 When a Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) is filed when must the organization refile another STR?

14 Which component of a monitoring program is most critical to its success?

15 When has the organization “detected” suspicious activity?

16 Which is the best order to follow when establishing an AML/CFT program?

17 When filing the mandatory cash transaction report you should list the person’s occupation.

18 When Law Enforcement requests are made about a suspicious transaction, your organization should;

19 True or False, for the purpose of filing a Suspicious Transaction report, the denominations and number of bills of cash must be reported.

20 True or False, senders of International SWIFT transactions are excluded from sanctions screening requirements.